Guidelines for the use of the Web Store

Schrolle with the mouse or the arrow keys will automatically change the pages.

Click "search" to refine your search. Type in Ex. "camp" in order to search for campanula  or "rosa" to search for roses.

You can also search the producentens individually.

Looking for something at a certain price, you can under "Search", enter a price filter.

To make an order or request, click on the shopping basket icon bottom in the lower left of the image and it will be automatically added to the basket.

You can later change the quanteties in your shopping basket. In the shopping basket, you can also add additional services and comments.

If you click "see more" you can add the product to the basket in the lower right of the site.

If you have made changes in the shopping basket or have added comments  to the products you have to save these per item.

After sending the order or request, you will receive a confirmation by email.

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